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To get here, perhaps you:

    • Were referred by one of my happy past clients?
    • Heard about me and looked me up?
    • If you are interested in buying or selling in Nova Scotia, you’ve come to the right place!  For 17 years I was a grade nine teacher. I thrived creating original lessons and activities for my students. I was good at it and formed lifelong connections. Half way through my career, however, I decided I wanted to see where else life could take me and set out to become self-employed.
    • I live in Spryfield, Halifax with my wife and two daughters, our exchange students, and our little dog. This location on the southern end of Halifax leaves me ideally suited grow my business in my areas of expertise.
    • I also have a profound attachment to Lunenburg on the South Shore. I spend a great deal of time at my family’s property on Mason’s Beach Rd. and I know the area very well!

    • The results of my life change have been fantastic. I have found my niche in this business. I thrive on forming meaningful relationships, creating beautiful marketing videos and drone footage, and helping people achieve their selling or buying dreams. I have sold properties in Hants, Kings, Lunenburg, and Halifax counties. I feel comfortable in these areas and I know them well.
    • I absolutely love making marketing videos with my drone, such as these beautiful homes in Mahone Bay, Spryfield, and Annapolis Valley.
    • I take pride in all my listings having only the best professional photography and 3D TOURS. In my hands, your home will get the marketing quality it deserves!

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